Kegel Angel FAQ

How can the Kegel Angel help me? 

The Kegel Angel will strengthen your pelvic floor muscle. The pelvic floor is hugely important for women, giving us bladder control, sensation in our vaginas, and a strong core. If you have problems with any kind of incontinence, post-child birth muscle weakness, or just want turn your orgasms up to eleven, the Kegel Angel can help you. 

How does the Kegel Angel work? 

Using a gentle pulse, the Kegel Angel stimulates the pelvic floor muscles to expand, contract, and strengthen. A small probe is placed just a few centimeters into the vagina, controlled by a digital device you can hold in your hand. The device offers different workouts for different intimate issues. 

You can also download a full instruction manual here. Available in English, German, French, and Spanish. 

Is the Kegel Angel safe to use and insert inside my body? 

Yes! The Kegel Angel was created by a licensed medical practitioner and is 100% safe for use in the vagina. 

Can I use the Kegel Angel when I have my period?

You absolutely can — although some women find a heavy flow can make things messy. However, many of our users swear by the Kegel Angel to reduce menstrual cramps!

If you’d like to use the Kegel Angel during your period, rinse and dry the probe as normal when you’re finished. Please don’t boil the probe or immerse other parts of the Angel in water.

You can sterilise the probe using a mild sterilising solution if you’d like to. 

Can I use the Kegel Angel while I am pregnant? 

Clinical guidelines advise against using any type of electrical muscle stimulation during pregnancy, so you’ll have to get back on it after your baby is born. 

Here is a video on how often and when to use the Kegel Angel Toner. 

How soon after childbirth can I use the Kegel Angel? 

Generally, women feel happy to start after a successful six-week checkup. However, every woman is different so we advise double-checking with your doctor or midwife.

How far do I put the probe in? 

The probe only needs to go about 2in/5.5cm into your vagina. This is the optimum spot to stimulate the pelvic floor muscle. 

Will the probe hurt? 

The short answer is — no! The probe is slim and short, so should be even easier than using a small tampon. If you do feel tenderness, make sure to use a water-based the lubricant.

For women with more complex needs such as dryness or atrophy, your doctor can prescribe a course of oestrogen cream to ease general discomfort. We don’t want you ladies to be put off! A strong pelvic floor can help tremendously with these issues, and there are easy solutions to get you using the Kegel Angel as normal. 

Why are there two channels? 

The Kegel Angel uses Channel A (left side) for the vaginal probe. Channel B (right side) is better suited to anal probes or electrode pads. 

How long will my probe last?

With daily use, we recommend replacing your probe every two to three months. This will ensure you get maximum results from your Angel. Take care of the wires: do not bend, tie, or pull on them.