A Must Have for All Mums/ Mature Women!! 

I really like this product, very easy to use. Had the Kegel8 since 2006; this is an updated version. The probe supplied is similar to that of the Athena and gives great connectivity. You’ll notice the difference almost immediately. Every woman should have one of these. You will need to get your own 9 volt square battery and a water based lubricant gel as these are not supplied. -  Shazza 

Very Pleased 

Having suffered for many years with stress and urge incontinence I took the plunge and purchased the Kegel Angel. After 3 days I noticed an improvement. It’s now been nearly 2 weeks and there is an improvement each day. I will continue to use this as I am very impressed so far. I would highly recommend this product. - Dystrad

My Best Device. 

My assessment, after 4 months of use ... very very good! Used every other night, it's really my best device (after using another brand); very powerful (my "state" has improved), easy to use, however you have to go to their website to find the instructions for use in French (it helps, even if you struggle in English), so also to use the right program in relation to his problem; as for the life of the battery of 9 volts, about 2 months ... not bad! And if you have a question, do not hesitate to contact them on the site, they are very responsive. So despite the price, I thoroughly recommend this device! - Mumu95730

It is magic device !!! 

It is magic device easy to use does not require effort I no longer leaks and I feel my belly more toned. Quick delivery. I recommend it to you. - Belafonte


I bought a few months ago the intimacy and also the kegel8 but this is much better and I am seeing results in a very short time. Very satisfied. - Amazon Client